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Q. How to care for Ultra Light Down Jacket?

A real care method to keep your down jacket clean

Most of the down jackets, which are very useful as winter clothes, will be sent for cleaning when they get dirty.  

■ How to read the wash care tag 

When washing clothes, first check the wash care tag. There are three points to distinguish when washing down jackets: whether you can wash with water (washing machine or hand), dryer, and dry cleaning. 

■ How to wash down jacket 

This time, I would like to introduce how to wash the ultralight down jacket recommended for hand washing. The down jacket uses waterfowl feathers, so washing it with water will reduce damage. Please note that dry cleaning may remove oil from the waterfowl's feathers and accelerate its deterioration. 

1. Preparation for hand washing  
Prepare a sink or basin with lukewarm water (40 ° C or less). After adding the specified amount of neutral detergent, mix well. Although it is a detergent that tends to be put in “about this amount” properly, if you keep the prescribed amount per piece, you can shorten the time without extra rinse. 

2. Partial dirt should be washed 
First Before soaking the down in water, wash the dirty parts such as the neck and cuffs with a sponge or cloth with detergent and wash it with a tap. 
3. Soak and wash down jacket 
Fold down the down jacket and wash. If you are worried about removing dirt, press and wash it and leave it for about 20 minutes. After washing, drain the water from the sink or basin, and then press it from above in the sink or basin to lightly drain the water. Squeezing is strictly prohibited as it damages the inside down and the fabric. 

4. Rinse 
with clean water Change the water to clean water and rinse 2-3 times. If the detergent remains in the dough, it can cause stains and changes in texture, so change the water as needed and rinse until no bubbles appear. 
This is the ideal time to use softeners. Mix the specified amount of softener with clean water, leave it for 3 to 5 minutes, and dehydrate. 
5. Gently dehydrated 

Press down in a sink or washbasin to drain the water, then wrap it in a bath towel to absorb the moisture. If you push the body and sleeves inside out, it will be easier to drain water. Do not use the dryer as it may damage it. 
* In the case of seamless down, we recommend that you slowly wrap it in a bath towel and dehydrate it to prevent the seamless tape from peeling. 
6. Since the 
down that adjusts the shape may be unevenly lumped, gently massage it with both hands before drying. 
7. Dry in a suitable place 
Let's dry in a shaded and well-ventilated place. 

■ How to dry the down jacket 

1. Since 
the feathers of the down that adjust the shape may be biased, lightly tap to loosen the down before drying. 
2. Let's hang it on a 
hanger and hang it. Be sure to dry in a well-ventilated and shaded area that is not exposed to direct sunlight, as exposure to sunlight can cause discoloration. 
When drying indoors, open two windows to improve ventilation or turn on a ventilation fan. When using a bathroom dryer, use a ventilation fan and a dehumidifier to dry quickly. 
3. When the down is completely dry, tap it lightly to shape it. 
It's hard to tell if it's dry in the cold winter months, but in such a case, you can warm your hands with a dryer and grab the dough to see if there is any water left. 
A down that can be used with a dryer will be fluffy if you dry it and dry it and then use the drying function of the washing machine to dry it for about 5 minutes at the lowest temperature setting, but Ultra Light Down is basically a household washing machine and Use of dehydrator is strictly prohibited. Let's do maintenance by hand washing. 

■ How to wash partial stains 

Clothes have partial stains, such as hand cream on the sleeves and careless food spills. So what should I do if I'm down? 
I was taught how to remove 3 patterns: makeup stains, spilled food, and mud stains. 

* How to remove makeup stains 
1. With oil type makeup remover, prepare an oil type makeup remover on a small plate that removes stains on the areas of concern. (No other cream or foam type makeup remover can substitute) 
Apply oil to the areas of concern and rub it gently with a toothbrush from the edge of the stain toward the center. 
* Please note that this is a general handling of down products. 
* Because it may stain, please try it in a conspicuous place. 
2. Rinse 
Rinse with warm water (40 ℃ or less). Repeat the washing and rinsing process several times to remove dirt little by little. 
* Eat spills of ketchup, etc. Eat spills of ketchup, soy sauce, etc. using a dish detergent. The washing process is the same as for makeup stains. Avoid using bleach as it damages the fabric and use curry and wine with strong pigments for cleaning. 
* Muddy dirt 
1. Dry the dirt and scrape it off with a toothbrush. When the mud gets wet, it becomes a liquid and penetrates deep into the fibers. First, dry the dirt with a weak dryer. Once dry, scrub with a toothbrush in one direction to remove large mud on the surface. 

2. Removing dirt with solid soap After a certain amount of dirt has been removed, moisten the area and rub the solid soap, and then rub it in a certain direction with a toothbrush to scrape the dirt. Please note that liquid body soap has different ingredients and cannot be replaced. 
If it is stopped only by partial washing, it may stand out on the contrary, such that the washed portion will rise when it is dry. After removing partial stains, be sure to wash the whole. For Ultra Light Down, we recommend the hand wash introduced earlier. 

■ Tips for maintenance 

To wear your favorite down for a long time, I want to pay close attention to daily maintenance. However, daily care is difficult. Here, we will introduce the maintenance for each situation, such as when you finish wearing it, when it rains, etc. 
* When wet wipe off the raindrops with a towel, and then naturally dry in the shade. It is better to wash when you have time to keep it cleaner. 
* If the feathers come out, the down feathers will come out. If you pull the feather out from the outside, the hole will widen, so please pinch it from the inside and pull it back. 
* When you have finished wearing it all day long 
If you wear it every day during the season, the amount of wear and dirt will increase. After wearing it, dry it in the shade to remove moisture such as perspiration and then put it in the closet, so avoid wearing it every day. Be careful not to overspray the disinfectant spray that you want to use, as it may cause spots. 
* When changing clothes, 
the neutral detergent used for fashionable clothes has a weak cleaning power and may accumulate invisible stains, so cleaning is recommended for "close-up" at the end of the season. Store it in a well-ventilated place where it will not be exposed to UV light during seeds-off. 

As an outerwear or a piece to be hidden inside, this down jacket is very useful in the cold season. Because it is a piece that can be used in any situation, let's perform maintenance so that it is in perfect condition when you want to use it. 

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