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Q. How to care for wool coats


A Bit of Care Makes a Big Difference:
Caring for Wool Coats

If you’re someone who wants to keep a favorite article of clothing in great shape for a long time, this series on clothing care is a must read. The eighth installment’s topic is the care of wool coats. While wool coats see frequent use as the mainstays of winter looks, they’re not easy to launder at home. Nonetheless, some aspects of care are easy to do at home. And there are some tricks to making the coats last longer, as you’ll discover.

Caring for a Wool Coat 1
Simple, but everyday care is important because wool coats cannot be frequently laundered.

1. Brushing
Brush the coat with a clothes brush if dust, surface soil, or lint is noticeable.

Work down from the top: collar to the shoulders and sleeves in that order. In particularly problematic areas, brush upward against the direction of the fibers to lift the surface dirt.
NOTE: Excessive brushing may harm the texture.
2. Hangers
Hang wool coats on thick hangers when storing in a closet.

3. Let the Coat Rest
Avoid the temptation to wear the wool coat every day. Frequent use may result in the coat losing its shape and make the fabric prone to wearing. Retaining the wool fabric’s texture becomes easier when you alternate with other outerwear and limit the frequency of the wool coat’s use.

Caring for a Wool Coat 2

Areas that are prone to rubbing, like shoulders, sleeves, and hips, are susceptible to pilling. Don’t ignore the pills. Remove them.
1. Scissors
Always use a tool because pinching and pulling damage the fabric. The use of scissors with narrow tips is recommended. Lay flat the section with the pilling. Carefully cut off the pills without cutting the surrounding fabric.

2. Electric Pill Remover
The use of a commercially available electric pill remover is also recommended. On a flat surface, gently stroke the problem area without pressing. NOTE: Tiny pills may not be suctioned.
pill remover

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