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Terms & Conditions
1. Gift Service (“Service”) is an optional Service for the customers shopping at UNIQLO India website/app.
2. Service includes the following: 1 gift bag and an outer cardboard box for transit & Printed card with your gift message.
3. The size of the gift bag cannot be chosen by the customer and it will depend on the size of the product ordered.
4. Personalized message on the card is optional. If no message provided, then backside of the card shall remain blank.
5. Customer has the option to choose the Service with gift card and without gift card. In case the Customer chooses without gift card option then no gift card will be sent.
6. The Service has been priced at Rs. 290/- (Rupees Two Hundred & Ninety Only) inclusive of taxes. Customer will receive invoice for this Service.
7. One gift service order includes one gift bag and one message card. However, It may include more than one purchased items in one single gift bag.
8. Return of items ordered (excluding gift bag) can be initiated by original purchaser of the item on the website/app.
9. This Service cannot be ordered for few items due to their unusual sizes and weight.
10. The price paid for this Service is non-refundable and no exchange is permitted for the gift bag.
11. If this Service cannot be provided for any reason which is beyond the control of UNIQLO then UNIQLO at its sole discretion can cancel the whole order and any amount paid will be refunded to Customer’s account.
12. The number of characters for a gift card is limited to 55 characters and maximum of 8 lines only.
13. UNIQLO can suspend this Service at any time without assigning any reason.
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