Q. T&C Live Chat

Q. How to use Chatbot and LiveChat
We provide Chatbot (24 hours availability) and LiveChat (10:00am – 05:00pm daily) service to assist customers with inquiries about UNIQLO products and services. 
Chat Support Requirement
T&C livechat
How to Use
Terms of Service for Chatbot & LiveChat

STEP 1: Initiate a chat conversation
Click “CHAT SUPPORT” on the page of "Contact Us"

STEP 2: Enter your inquiry and send 
Choose your inquiry or  “→” after entering your inquiry in the text box. 

STEP 3: Contact with a LiveChat agent 
Please enter “Contact a LiveChat agent” in the text box if you would like to chat with an operator. 

STEP 4: End the chat conversation
Click the ' X ' on the window 


Please read the following agreement for using “Chat (messaging) Support” before inquiry. 
 ●About This Service 
(1) This service provides an answer to an inquiry through our web page and application in writing. The answer is given by AI Chatbot or operators (agents) through written texts. 
(2) Customers are required to agree with these terms every time they contact us using this service.  
 ●Time Available for This Service 
This service is available during the operation hours as specified for the services, i.e. Chatbot (24 hours availability) and LiveChat (10:00am – 05:00pm daily).
Scope of Inquiries 
This service will not respond to the following inquiries: 
(1) Inquiry irrelevant to our service or deviating from the scope of business 
(2) Inquiry that we are not able to answer due to applicable laws, guidelines, or administrative guidance that applies to our company, and/or any other rules and regulations that we must comply with. 
(3) In addition to the inquiries listed above, if we determine we are not able to provide an appropriate answer in this service or as listed above, we shall provide an answer by telephone or email, or we shall request that you make an inquiry by other means.  
 ●Personal Information Collected for Service (if applicable) 
(1) Personal Information collected by this service shall be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy as published at https://faq-in.uniqlo.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/UQIN-Privacy-Policy/ 
(2) Please do not provide any personal information of yours or others (personal information such as name, address, phone number, email address, account number, or credit card number) when using this service unless it is required or requested accordingly. 
(3) If your personal information is required or requested for this service, or if you want to confirm your personal information, we will send a separate secured input form in the chat. Please provide your personal information there. 
(4) We will retain the response record including any personal information collected during this service for a limited period in the prescribed and secured manner for quality improvement of this service, follow-up confirmation of the inquiry etc. 
Disconnecting the Service 
In the following situations, we may disconnect and end the service without notice or your prior consent: 
(1) If the text is not readable due to garbled characters, etc.
(2) If there is no reply from you for a period of time after our last response.
(3) If we determine the text or content is not in accordance with the purpose of service and the messages are defaming, disparaging or harassing to our company or our employee.
(4) If we determine an appropriate answer to the question has been provided.  
(5) If we determine it is better to respond by telephone, email, or other method of communication. 
(6 )In addition to the above, if we determine that it is not appropriate for us to continue to respond to you through this service.

 ● Applicability of Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
These Terms and Conditions have to be read in consonance with the overall Privacy Policy and Terms of Use given on our website/ mobile application.
Changes of Service 
This service can be terminated or stopped, and we may change any of the contents at any time by an announcement on the website.
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