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Terms and Conditions of Customer Reviews
The purpose of Customer Reviews is to ensure that fellow customers learn more about the products and make a more informed decision as to whether this is the right product for them.
By posting a product review online, you give Uniqlo permission to publish the same after reviewing the same. Uniqlo will allow only those reviews to be published which relate directly to the product and not the services.Uniqlo shall have the right to use/publish the reviews in both online as well as offline channels of communication like digital/physical marketing materials and In-store placards and banners. 
The following are the types of review that we don’t allow and shall be removed:-
1.         If the review contains any abusive, discriminatory or inappropriate language;
2.         If the review is not about the product but about services provided by Uniqlo, such as refund/ exchange policy, or the store /employee feedback etc. (such feedback is welcome by way of separate feedback and not under product review);
3.         If the review promotes or directs business away to a competitor’s product or website;
4.         If the review contains any personal information;
5.         If the review is in a foreign language;
6.         If the image posted is inappropriate, contains nudity or distasteful;
7.         If the review violates any law of the land;
8.         If the review relates to a different product or is otherwise irrelevant. 
Uniqlo cannot be held responsible and liable for any review and how it publishes it on its website and has the discretion not to publish a review if, in Uniqlo’s sole determination, such review is irrelevant. 
Uniqlo does not distinguish between positive or negative reviews, and Uniqlo endeavours to publish all relevant reviews in respect of a product. 
That these terms and conditions are complementary to the terms of use available on the website/ mobile app.

Last updated on : 15th September, 2022
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