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Q. Care & washing of wireless Bra

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A brassiere has become an inevitable part of a woman’s life. A right-fitting bra keeps a woman’s figure clean. While from regular to sports bras have a special place in our wardrobe, not many of us know the proper way of laundering the brassiere. And this carelessness or lack of knowledge always results in damaging bra shape and texture. And many of us have to turn to buy the new ones every few months or compromising on the way we dress. 

But not anymore, here we have discussed the proper ways and guidelines of caring brassier to preserve their shape and texture. 
Dos for washing the brassier: 

  • Hand wash with the maximum water temperature at 40°C 
  • Only use non-chlorine (Oxygen) bleach  
  • Line dry in the shade instead of in direct sunlight 

Don’ts for washing the brassiere: 

  • Do not bleach 
  • Do not dry clean 
  • Do not tumble dry 
  • Do not iron 
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Correct ways of laundering the brassiere Washing your delicate brassiere by hand 

UNIQLO’s popular wireless bra features seamless bonding and fits gently on the body. It is relatively easy to handle, but how should I wash it? 

  1. Store enough hot water with the temperature around 40°C in the washbasin to soak the brassiere. Add an appropriate amount of neutral detergent for fashionable clothes to dissolve it. 
  2. Hold the joint between the strap and the cup with both hands. Rinse in warm water, and leave it for 5-10 minutes.  
  3. Gently rub and wash the dirt off with your finger. Avoid rubbing the cloths together as this will damage the dough.  
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  1.  Replace the water and rinse 2-3 times. Rinse with running hot water if there is a shower nozzle on the washbasin. Collect the final hot water and gently press with your finger to wash. 
  2.  Dry out the brassier by wrapping it in a bath towel and gently removing water by hand. Or you can spin it in the washing machine for 30-60 seconds. 
  3.  Avoid using fabric softener as it creates a membrane on the bra, which makes it difficult for the fabric to absorb sweat. This can irritate the skin for people having sensitive skin. 

How to dry the straps without stretching the fabric? 
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  1. Hang the under-stretched part with clothespins, or hang it on the hanger. So it folds in half from the front center. 
  2. Dry it in the shade in a windy place. 

Do not dry in a way so that the cups are hanging on both sides. Doing so will stretch the fabric as it contains water. Try drying it flat.   

How to wash the brassier in a washing machine? 
(To avoid De shaping of bra and broken cups) 

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  1. Fold your brassier in half from the front center and put it in a size that fits exactly. 
  2. Add a neutral detergent and choose a ‘dry’ or a ‘handwashing’ cycle. Once done, rinse and dry on gentle dryer settings. 

How to avoid fading or discoloration? 

  1. Do not soak the bra
  2. Always dry in the shade and never in direct sunlight 

Recommended ways of storing the brassier to preserve the shape of the cups 
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  1. When storing a brassiere in a closet, tie the strobe and belt behind the cup. 
  2. Clothes are generally made to look just right when worn and may not fit well when folded, so you don't have to squeeze the back hook. Store the folded bra on top of other things so that the cup does not collapse. 
  3. Folding the bra top is almost the same. Flip the T-shirt in the same way you fold it, align the sides and fold it over the cup so that the sleeves and hem fit within the width of the cup. 

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  1. To avoid breaking the cup, store all the bras together and keep separate rather than with the T-shirt and other clothing item
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