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Q. How to care & wash BraTop

The perfect silhouette and style – all in one. Offering support and freedom in equal measure, women’s bratops by UNIQLO can be worn solo or beneath clothing. Adjustable concealed power netting provides subtle but firm support while creating an elegant silhouette that adds a stunning touch to basic, everyday outfits. 
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Important tips for long-lasting keep and correct washing method of BraTops 
Symbols to care for Cotton BraTop (Please refer to wash care label) 
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Must to do to maintain the Cotton BraTop: 

  • Keep away from fire 
  • Wash dark colors separately  
  • No Optical Brighteners 
  • Do not Soak 
  • Use Cleaning Net 
  • Use Press Cloth 

Symbols to care for AIRism BraTop (Please refer to wash care label) 
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Must to do to maintain the AIRism BraTop: 

  • Wash dark colors separately  
  • No Optical Brighteners 
  • Do not Soak 
  • Use Cleaning Net 
  • Do not tumble dry 
  • Avoid washing at high temperature prevent peeling of Adhered fabric 

How to prevent loss of shape? 

  1. Put the BraTop in the net while washing and choose the mild washing course. The net will prevent the fabric from stretching or pulling.  
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  2. Clean the bra cups in advance and check for wrinkles and crushed cups.  

When drying the wet BraTop on a hanger, fold it in half under the cup and hang it on the hanger handle to keep the shape clean. 
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How to fold BraTop  
Folding the BraTop correctly will ensure its long life and perfect fit the way you desire. Follow these steps to maintain your BraTop. 

  1. First step - Fold the sides of the top towards the central part of the top. Make sure you fold the BraTop from the backside. So the cups are not folded.  
  2. Second step – Fold the lower half of the top towards the upper part from the backside. 
  3. Third Step – Fold the upper part on the lower part of the top. The cups should be kept as shown in the image below. It will help in maintaining the shape.
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It prevents collapsing of the cup, which may result in loss of shape. After folding, you can stack BraTops on top of each other or line them up vertically. 
How to prevent fading in BraTop? 

  1. Do not soak the BraTop with other clothes or even separately. Soaking them would lead to fading due to the chemicals present in the detergent.  
  2. Washing the BraTop with mild detergent and low temperature would be helpful.  
  3. No dry cleaning for BraTops.     
  4. Dry the BraTop in a shade away from direct sunlight, this prevents the BraTop from fading due to direct sunlight. 
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