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Q. How to Care for thin Knit

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How to care for Thin Knit/Summer Knit 
Summer knits have been in fashion for quite long now. Whether it’s to pull off semi-casual work outfit, night out at friend’s place, or just another dinner date, you can easily adorn the perfect look with thin knitwear. Even when it’s hot out, light outerwear and other items for staying warm in chilly air-conditioned interiors are essential. While everyone wants to have such colorful knitwear clothing in her wardrobe, the laundering concerns keep most away from buying them. 

Are you one of those? Well, for everyone who wants to buy or already have summer knitwear in their wardrobe here are the thin kit caring guidelines to keep their shape, texture, color, and longevity.  

Six essential points to remember while laundering thin knit: 

  1. Keep the maximum water temperature at 40°C while washing thin knitwear 
  2. Follow the mild process of tetrachloroethene, while dry cleaning 
  3. Flat dry in the shade instead of direct sunlight 
  4. Iron at 110°C. Avoid steam ironing 
  5. Do not bleach 
  6. Do not tumble dry 

How to launder and dry washable knitwear 
Laundering thin knitwear, like a light V-neck cardigan or UV cut cardigan, is no different from laundering regular washable knits. However, the fabric is thin, so it is important to guard against fraying and wrinkling. 

  1. Place thin knitwear in laundry nets that have a tight weave 

  • Always place knits in laundry nets when machine washing them. Use nets with tight weaves when laundering thin knits as with the loose weave, the chances of snagging are more.  

Choose a laundry net that’s the right size and not one that’s too big for the item. The bigger net will allow the item to move around, which can cause wrinkling and deformation.
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  1. Use a mild detergent, use a gentle wash course, and keep the spin cycle short 
  • Use a mild detergent that’s meant for stylish clothing. If the clothing has stringer stains, apply the mild detergent directly on the stains, and gently wash the areas where stains are prone to stand out, like sleeve openings and collar.  
  • Use a gentle wash cycle, like mild, soft, or delicate wash cycles of a washing machine.  
  • Excessive spin will deform the item and stretch the fabric of thin knits, so select the shortest spin cycle. 
  1. When drying, lay flat or use two hangers 
  • Lay the knits flat when drying. Hanging the knits will stretch the fabric due to the weight of water the clothing carries.  
  • Before drying, shape the areas prone to shrinking, like the hem and the areas surrounding the buttons.  
  • You can use the commercially available nets for flat drying. Or dry the thin knit flat on bath towels.  
  • If drying on bath towels, be sure to turn over the item once the surface has dried slightly. When hanging on hangers to dry, use two hangers to distribute the weight. 
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How to avoid fading in summer knit 
When drying the knit, always flat dry in the shade instead of direct sunlight as it may cause discoloration. 

  1. Change laundering methods per stains 

  • When regular washing of knits or when they aren’t too dirty, select the shorter wash cycle.  

  • Even when using the mild or delicate cycle, shorten the wash, rinse, and spin cycles. If the stains are light, they’ll come out even in short wash courses. 

  1. Regular care extends the lives of knitwear 

  • If you shape the knit in its regular state, the result is a nice, clean appearance.  

  • When you take off knits upon returning home, steam the sections that are stretched or wrinkled. That will minimize the spread of odors as well. 
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    ​​​​​​​Caring for thin knits is no different from caring for regular knits. Remember, however, the fabric is more delicate because the fibers are finer. Guard against snagging when wearing and handling thin knits. Even if you think laundering is a hassle, just a little bit of regular care can greatly extend the life of the knit. So give it a try! 

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