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Q. Care for Linen Shirt

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Silky to the touch, light and smooth on the skin, linen shirts are easy to care for. Although they come with a machine-washable feature, linen shirts wrinkle easily and lose shape quickly.  Here is everything you need to know, from linen’s qualities to use washing and caring tidbits! 

Wash Care Symbols for Premium Linen 


Wash Care label information for Premium Linen 

The listed items are the laundering methods that are essential for preserving the linen shirt’s texture, so be sure to check each one out.

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Linen has a distinctive luster. The fabric feels slightly coarser than cotton. It breathes well, excels at wicking, and quickly dries perspiration to minimize bacterial growth. That’s why linen clothes always feel clean and refreshing when worn. In other words, it’s the perfect summer fabric.  

However, linen is prone to wrinkling when laundered. While the natural, just-washed texture is appealing, but due to the improper care, the fabric becomes prone to fuzzing and fading in spots. Understanding the important characteristics when caring for it will improve the longevity of linen clothes. 

To prevent pilling in Linen 
What is pilling –
We see tiny knots of thread on the clothes, which are known as pills. Pilling looks really bad and takes away the beauty of the garment. 

Why leads to pilling –  
Short or broken fibers get tangled together, leading to small knots on the surface of the fabric. Friction caused due to normal wear or washing with other types of fabrics as well. The parts of fabric which come in frequent skin contact also get pills such as the collar, cuffs, between the thighs etc. 

How to avoid pilling – 
Though linen tends to pill less, it’s a smooth fabric with a luster, so pills may seem prominent. However, a few care tips help you to avoid pilling on your linen clothes.  

  1. Always use a gentle cycle in your washing machine cycle options. Slow and shorter friction will protect your clothes.
  2. Washing them with hands is recommended as it’s gentler for the clothes. 
  3. Use mild detergent for it which has mild chemicals. 
  4. Turn the garment inside out; it avoids rubbing of the clothes with buttons, zippers from other clothes.  
  5. You may sort clothes as per their fabric type, don’t add jeans and linen in the same cycle. If you can’t avoid that, try using a laundry net. It will separate this delicate fabric from other clothes.
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How to avoid fading in Linen? 

  1. Do not soak or use bleach as it discolors and fades the linen fabric. 

  1. Always wash them in cold water. 

  1. Always choose the gentle machine cycle and a mild detergent to protect the fabric. 

  1. Do not line linen shirts in direct sunlight as it may fade the fabric. Hang the item in the shade instead\

  2. If the fabric is thin, be aware that clothes pins may leave marks. 

  3. Linen ideally doesn’t need ironing. Slight, natural creases on linen give you a relaxed and soft feel. However, if you like ironed clothes, make sure you iron on both sides in case of white or light linen. However, dark linen should be ironed only on the reverse side to avoid fading due to the temperature.  Iron on medium-hot iron on the steam setting while the fabric is still damp

How to prevent shrinkage? 

  1. Since linen is a natural fabric, do not soak while washing.  

  2. Use only mild detergent with low temperature (maximum up to 40degree Celsius) to wash the item. Cold or lukewarm water is recommended for linen. Hot water causes shrinkage in linen. 

  3. Do not tumble dry. 

  4. Always remove them from the dryer while they are slightly damp. This helps in avoiding stiffness or heavy crumbles. 

  5. While drying, hang in shade. It also helps in avoiding stiffness.  

  6. Wrinkles are difficult to remove on dry clothes, so use a mister or such to moisten the fabric when ironing.  

  7. Dampen tight wrinkles with a mister before ironing 

Dampen tight wrinkles with a mister before ironing 

  1. Wrinkles are difficult to remove on dry clothes, so use a mister or such to moisten the fabric when ironing.  

  2. You can iron the items before they’re completely dry. Use the medium temperature setting, and cover the item with a cloth.  

  3. You can use steam while ironing. Put your weight on the iron while pulling on the fabric and firmly iron out the wrinkles. 

Hang shirts and bottoms on hangers when storing; fold loosely when necessary 

  1. Once the wrinkles have been fully ironed out, use a hanger when storing the item.  

  2. Choose hangers with thick shoulders to minimize deformation.    

  3. While storing the items folded, loosely fold them and avoid placing heavy items on top to minimize wrinkling. 

  4. With proper care, you can enjoy the beautiful texture of linen for a long time.   


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