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Q. Caring for Fleece Items

Fluffy Feel to the Touch! 
Caring for Fleece Items 

If you’re someone who wants to keep a favorite article of clothing in great shape for a long time, this series on clothing care is a must read. The seventh installment’s topic is the care of fleece items. Warm and light fleece items are essential during the colder parts of the year! Fleece is a fabric that’s easy to care for at home, but there are tricks to making its fluffy feel last longer. Here then are the tricks along with basic methods of care. 

Caring for Fleece Items 1 
Laundering Fleece Items 
Turning the fleece item inside out and placing it inside a laundry net with a fine mesh is recommended to prevent rubbing against other articles when laundering. 
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Using the Dry program or hand wash program is recommended to maintain fleece’s characteristic texture. Avoid laundering with a heavy load because rubbing during the wash cycle may result in harm to the fabric’s texture. 


Caring for Fleece Items 2 
Do This to Extend the Comfort 
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Use a clothes brush to comb the fabric and raise the nap should the fleece’s nap become flattened. 
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The use of a fabric softener or anti-static spray is recommended if static electricity is a concern. 
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Master these tricks, and the texture that’s exclusive to fleece will last a long time. 


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